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About Us

BYXBI Technologies and Industrial Corporation is a People and Logistics IoT firm that began operations in July 2017. We successfully started signing clients for our Byxbi GPS Tracking service three (3) months after we opened. 


November 2018, Byxbi signed a marketing and representation agreement with Fareclock LLC, an American Attendance and Payroll Solution company. Byxbi is the exclusive partner for the Philippines. We have since grown our customers and subscriptions for both Byxbi GPS Tracking and Fareclock Attendance and Payroll services in the Philippines.


August 2019, Byxbi was commissioned to do route efficiency audits; work process and productivity audits; sales and service operation audits. To-date, we provide services to Construction, Manufacturing, Restaurant, Logistics, Marketing, Medical, Engineering, Manpower Staffing and Pharmaceutical companies. 


June 2024, Fareclock LLC and Byxbi Technologies strengthened its partnership by expanding Byxbi’s territory to cover countries in the Asia Pacific region.  





We only seek solution partners whose products and services can ensure quality, integrity, innovation and excellent support for our customers.


The source of continuing strength for any company lies in its employees. Up to 25% of any business expense accounts for its people or labor cost. How you lead, guide, and manage your employees determine the success of your business. 


No customer is too small or too big for us and we make a continuous effort to always exceed customer expectations.

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