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Secured attendance with facial recognition

Advanced facial recognition eliminates buddy punching. Its smart AI feature examines the liveliness of the face it reads and provides the following secure features:

  • A touchless process – Employees simply look at the camera and their face is recognized, eliminating the need for manual badge swiping.

  • Enhanced security – Facial recognition prevents unauthorized access, ensuring only registered employees can clock in and out.

  • Improved Workplace Standards – Minimize contact points and promote a cleaner work environment.

  • PIN Code Verification – Fareclock has a secondary PIN code security verification feature that the employee needs to enter when needed.


Gain visibility and control with Geo-mapping

Geo-mapping ensure employees are in assigned areas and locations when clocking-in and out of work. It is ideal for companies in marketing and services business to show proof of work hours rendered to clients.

  • Enhanced flexibility – Manage a dispersed workforce by allowing employees to clock in and out from approved locations. This is ideal for field staff, remote workers, or those with flexible schedules.

  • Improved time management – Gain insights into employee location, helping optimize scheduling and resource allocation. Identify potential bottlenecks and ensure efficient project completion.

  • Influences proper work values – Geo-mapping deters employees from falsely declaring attendance from unauthorized locations. It ensures employees clock-in from designated areas, thus promoting accountability.

  • Real-time location data – Information is live and accurate - showing location and time an employee clocked in to start and end his task.


Save precious time with our accurate and robust payroll system.

Process payroll in seconds – Anytime of the day. The system can process payroll by company, branch, business unit, department when needed. Anticipate and budget ahead your payroll requirements

  • Effortless and accurate – Automate complex payroll calculations, including regular pay, overtime, deductions, and taxes. Eliminate the risk of human error and ensure timely, accurate payouts.

  • Real-time computation – Attendance data automatically feeds into the payroll calculator, saving time and ensuring the payroll reflects the actual hours worked to the last minute.

  • Simplified compliance – Stay up to date with the latest tax regulations and deductions with built-in compliance features. Reduce the risk of audits and penalties.

  • Paperless Pay Slip – From any smart phone, employees can view and download their pay slip anywhere – anytime. Save time, paper; travel and courier expense in sending pay slips to employees. 



Get actionable insights and streamline workflows

Analyze trends in absenteeism, late arrivals, and overtime; identify areas for improvement; make data-driven decisions to optimize your workforce.

  • Time Cards - Detailed information showing clock-in times, breaktime, location, regular and overtime hours worked; headcount and total man hours utilized to accomplish work or process… and much more.

  • Payroll Reports - Generate cumulative payroll expense reports – anytime of the day by department, branch, business unit, project or group of employees.

  • Streamline workflow - Our reports are used by companies as a tool to analyze and improve process flow productivity of work groups.

  • Builds Employee, Employer, Customer Trust - While Managers can see the daily workforce, employees can also view from their phone the actual work time they have put in every day. Companies also share timecard reports with clients for them to appreciate work delivered and in so doing build trust and confidence.


Save precious time with our accurate and robust payroll system.

Managing businesses that operate on three or more shift schedules - with employees changing from one shift to another is a challenge. Moreso, if they are transferred from one department to another. Fareclock seamlessly monitors all the shift changes and job transfers that occur. It computes accurate payroll as it happens.

  • Automated scheduling – Create as many shifts as you need on Fareclock, transfer employees from one shift to another with a click of the button. 

  • Eliminate administrative burden for your operations team, human resources and accounting departments. – Free your back room support staff from hours of manual monitoring, tracking and computing payroll. 

  • Real-time visibility – Supervisors and managers can monitor attendance and shift changes at it happens. Employees can work in confidence because they can view in real-time their attendance and shifts they are assigned to from their mobile phones. 

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