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Manage Attendance, Timekeeping, Work Schedules, Increase Productivity and Payroll with Ease.

The source of continuing strength for any company lies in its employees. People, accounts for up to 25% percent of anyone’s business expense. How you lead, guide and manage employees; the tools used to manage determines the success for any business

Manual timekeeping and payroll processing consumes extended workhours for teams in Human Resources, Operations and Accounting. It sometimes creates tension between the employees and administrative teams… sometime even with clients. 

Switch to Fareclock NOW!

Fareclock is a Facial Recognition - Attendance and Payroll Management Solution that is applicable for any business - in any industry.


Fareclock will manage attendance in your office, factory, branches, stores, warehouses, and employees on fieldwork nationwide. Control multi-shift schedules, prevent excessive overtime, improve employee productivity, and process payroll anytime in seconds. Fareclock API can integrate attendance and payroll reports to any 3rd party Payroll or SAP Payroll system.

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